Trackless Train

$838.95 / 3 Hours

All aboard….!!!  Step on up to our very own Trackless Train complete with it’s own Conductor  to take you on a ride! The train includes a locomotive, coal tender, 2 passenger cars and of course it’s very own caboose! But it doesn’t end there!  There are seat belts for 4 on the coal tender, caboose and each passenger car and even contains a PA unit with speakers for the option of educating or informing it’s passengers.  For that real life train feeling there is even smoke that comes out of the smokestack! No doubt that there will be a line up for this one!!!!  Book early and don’t be disappointed!!! ** Must have ample room for turn-around or set route.  Also can not go on rough terrain.  Gas powered.

**Please note the Trackless Train CANNOT go up or down any kind of slope or hill.  Enough area MUST be provided to safely turn around

* Price is $838.95/3 hrs. -includes the cost of the driver

*Each additional hour is $250/hr. includes the cost of the driver

*May not be exactly as shown

Great Idea for :

  • Festivals
  • Parades
  • Fun Days
  • Special Events
  • Canada Day Events & more!