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Discover the ultimate party favorite with our Bouncy Castles collection, guaranteed to bring joy to both kids and adults alike. These bouncers offer spacious jumping areas, providing endless hours of active fun and entertainment for children of all ages. With a wide selection of themes and vibrant colors to choose from, there’s something to suit every party theme and preference. Rest assured, our Bouncy Castles are designed with safety and ease of operation in mind, with many being TSSA licensed for added peace of mind. With competitive pricing and a vast inventory readily available, we’re here to ensure that your next event is a bouncing success, any day of the week.

Bouncers do not include a slide


  • Carousel Bouncy Castle

    $326.00 / day
  • Mega Bouncer

    $450.00 / day
  • Cow Belly Bouncer

    $336.00 / day
  • Tye Dye Bouncer

  • Tractor Bouncer – Green

    $349.00 / day
  • Tractor Bouncer – Blue

    $349.00 / day
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Bouncer

  • Princess 1 – Princess Bouncer

  • Disney Fun Bouncer

  • Treasure Box Bouncer

  • Paw Patrol Bouncer

  • Blue Castle House

    $336.00 / day
  • Dance Dome

    $525.00 / day
  • Big Stinka

  • Tiger Bouncer

    $336.00 / day
  • Dalmatian Bouncer

    $349.00 / day
  • Modular Rainbow Castle

    $321.00 / day