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Explore our Interactive inflatables, where inflatable fun meets skilled competition. Engage in thrilling battles with our 4-Man Jousting arena, test your agility and strategy in the Hippo Chow Down challenge, or take on the Wrecking Ball Challenge for an adrenaline-pumping experience. These interactive inflatables are designed to bring friends and family together in exhilarating competitions that are as entertaining as they are engaging. Whether you’re aiming to knock opponents off their pedestals or outlast your competitors, our Interactive Inflatables promise hours of laughter and excitement for all ages.


  • Jousting Arena

    $557.00 / day
  • Wrecking Ball Challenge

    $489.00 / day
  • Rainbow Race Track

    $259.00 / day
  • Rapid Fire Bungee

    $588.00 / day
  • Hippo Chow Down

    $525.00 / day
  • The Racetrack

    $353.00 / day
  • Giant Foosball Inflatable

    $877.00 / day
  • Human Whack A Mole

    $368.00 / day
  • 4-Man Jousting

    $557.00 / day