Flat Top Grill

$315.00 / day

Barbecue Lighting Instructions

  1. Ensure all burner knobs are in the OFF position. Connect the propane gas hose assembly and regulator to the cylinder and tighten the QCC1 inlet.
  2. CAUTION: If hood is being used, open before attempting to light the grill.
  3. Turn the crossover ignition burner control knob to the HI position. Press the ignitor button several times and the burner should light. If the burner fails to light with ignitor button, turn the gas off, and wait 5 minutes. Turn on the gas and use a butane lighter or long match to light through the ignition hole in the right hand side of the grill body.
  4. Once the crossover burner is lit, any main burner may be lit by simply turning the control knob for each burner to the HI position.
  5. Once finished using the barbecue, close the cylinder valve and allow burners to burn the gas in the line and manifold. Turn all the control valves to the OFF position. Disconnect the grill hose assembly from the propane cylinder.