Bubble Soccer

$40.00 / each

An inflatable twist on a classic game! Just like regular soccer, only you are inside a bubble suit!  The rules are simple. Stay alert, look all around you, and oh yeah…. SCORE GOALS!!!
In Bubble Bump Soccer, the best part are center dash kick offs after each goal scored in the game, and there’s no such thing as off sides! There really isn’t a official “goalie” so if there’s someone in your way – “BUMP” them!
Teams are usually 5 a side but it’s your game so you choose the number of players!
Times / Format will be determined based on the event being held
Full games could be 7 min long up to full games of 24 min (2 x 12 min halves)
No substitutions will be allowed during the games
This game is exhausting!! Be prepared to SWEAT!

**Please be advised that NO GLASSES or sharp objects of ANY kind are allowed inside the bubble as well as NO eating or drinking while inside the bubble!

Order 8 or more for $35 each.

There are 3 sizes to choose from:

KIDS  :   4′ Dia 3.3′  (for kids UNDER 5′)

ADULTS:   5′ Dia 4.3′ (for height 5′-6′)

XTRA-LARGE :   5.6′ Dia 5′  (for Adults OVER 6′)

*Comes with an electric air pump and soccer ball!

**There is a $5/ball charge for us to blow up.  If you choose to blow up than we will show you how easy it is by blowing ONE up and than the rest are up to you.

  • It can not be used for children less than 5 years old
  • If no parents present, children should not play
  • Players CAN NOT be more than 187 lbs.
  • Only use on land, please never use it in water
  • If there is a person inside of a bump ball, please do not take the air out
  • Please make sure to give the air to bump ball first , after that, you can get in.
  • Never leave the bumper under the directly sunshine more than 10 minutes
  • During the past 12 months if you had a major surgery, please do not play
  • Take a break moderately during play
  • If you are pregnant, you can not play bumper ball
  • Sharp object forbid during play the game
  • You can not play bubble soccer when you are drunk

Bubble soccer is the new hit! Play a good game of soccer without getting the grass stains!

Sizes are as follows:

Small- 5 feet or shorter

Medium- Between 5 and 6 feet in height

Large- 6 feet or taller

Order 8 balls for a discounted rate of $35.00 each

$5.00 charge will apply per ball if you require us to set them up. We will show you how to set one up upon delivery and it is up to the customer to set the rest of them up. It is a very easy process.